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Ticmate - We will make your event international!
Founded in 2006, Ticmate´s business concept and goal is to become the leading European company for international sales of tickets and trips to various kinds of event. The first stage of the launch process was the creation of Expansion has been rapid and success is already a reality. is now available in 19 different languages in more than forty countries, with an even distribution of ticket sales on all markets.

Ticmate was also the initiator of the reality show West End Star in Swedish TV3´s, where the winner won the female lead part in Monty Python´s musical, Spamalot, played in London´s West End in 2008/09.
We are constantly striving to find and develop new projects.

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Ticmate works with events in three stages:

In close cooperation with the event producer, research and mapping is carried out to find the most suitable international audience. After which, a strategy and plan of action is drawn up to successfully reach the chosen target group and establish the event internationally.

Effective international reinforcement marketing of the event and ticket sales, will in turn generate further sales and put the event on the global map. This could include things like tailor-made websites and sponsored Internet links in local languages. Ticmate also has experience of establishing exclusive cooperation deals with travel agents, tourist agencies and other relevant organizations, TV shows and similar. Google is using Ticmate as a case study on how to successfully utilize AdWords.

The results of the project are evaluated through precise measuring, extensive follow-up work of the international audience, and country-specific analyses down to district level. This information is extremely valuable when, for example, planning international tours, planning the export of musicals outside Broadway or the West End, etc.

Pioneers within international events

At Ticmate, we can see a clear trend demonstrating an increased interest in international events over the next few years. This has been quite evident, not least from the amount of interest in our subsidiary, London Musicals, over a very short period of time. The overall market for live events is steadily increasing each year. For example, in 2007 a new record was set in London´s West End, with more than 13.6 million people attending, see press release. This trend has been reinforced by IPK´s study which, via surveys, has shown that Event Travel, i.e. people travelling to cultural and sporting events, is the fastest growing sector within the travel industry.

Trends are also showing that it’s the actual event and experience that is determining the travel destinations more and more. Meanwhile, up until now, general knowledge and systemization for reaching international customers on new events has generally fallen short within the industry. This is where Ticmate sees great potential.

Unique solutions combined with years of experience

Ticmate has its own network of international marketing and sales channels. Our specially designed technical platform, combined with our long-standing experience and know-how, generates interest around, and finds audiences for, international events such as musicals, operas, cabarets, sports events and concerts. In the future, our customers will be able to book their flight, hotel and even their meals without having to leave our websites.

A wealth of experience in ticket sales and events

Ticmate’s founder and principal owner, Marcus Moeschlin, has a wealth of experience in ticket sales for international events. He was one of the initiators of the Global Tickets network, in which 22 countries bought and sold tickets to international events from each other. In addition, he has worked with several specific productions. Marcus was, for example, responsible for the Swedish launch of Peter Jöback in Miss Saigon and Petra Nielsen in Chicago the Musical, both performed in London. According to Sue Uings at Cameron Mackintosh, during this period 30% of people in the audience were visiting Swedes.

Consequently, Marcus Moeschlin also launched the idea that a Swede should hire, and fill, the Royal Albert Hall in London with their countrymen. Robert Wells liked this suggestion and prepared a cooperation that led to Wells filling the Royal Albert Hall three years in a row, and the majority of the audience came from Sweden.


Are you an event producer looking to reach an international audience? E-mail to international.event at and let’s get talking.